We are really, really good at building brilliant workflows and bespoke systems that delight your teams and customers

From automating individual processes to building powerful web apps: find out how Intellimatic can help you supercharge your operations and help you reach your goals.


Are you frustrated by systems that don't work for your business or don't talk to each other? Are you or your team spending too much time updating and maintaining spreadsheets and copying information manually to keep your business running? Is obtaining reliable management information in a timely manner a challenge? Do you want to provide your customers with a slick, polished experience?

Intellimatic is a business system consultancy and web app development company founded by Evgeny Romanov in Shrewsbury, West Midlands.

Intellimatic specialises in creating powerful applications that will delight your staff and wow your clients.

Custom application development

Turn your vision into a powerful web application that will supercharge your business, delight your staff and wow your clients.

System Integration and Automation

Automate your processes, reduce costs, eliminate errors, connect separate systems and get rid of manual data handling and spreadsheets that you use to fill the gaps.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Make better decisions and gain new insights into your business and your market by turning complex data from your business into powerful dashboards with meaningful information for you and your clients.

Client testimonials

Below are some of the things that our clients have said about working with Intellimatic.

"Evgeny helps us deliver outsized results for our clients. He is highly skilled, personable and utterly reliable - a rare mix. We trust Intellimatic to supercharge our clients' operations by blending the skill and experience of a first-rate business consultant with technical skills. The systems Evgeny has built for us run large departments in the financial sector, optimise manufacturing operations and help plan and deliver world-class events. If you want to wow staff and customers and get better results, speak to Evgeny."

Archi Stewart

Managing Director, Crawford Strategic

Archi Stewart, Managing Director, Crawford Strategic

"We engaged Evgeny to create a bespoke piece of software for managing workflow, measuring capacity and producing MI. The project was smooth, pain free and delivered promptly. Evgeny brought many ideas for functionality over and above the brief and we were very pleased with the end result, a system which is used all day every day and has improved operational efficiency and insight. "

Carolyn Thornley-Yates

Head of Mortgage Proposition & Distribution, Hinkley & Rugby Building Society

Carolyn Thornley-Yates, Head of Mortgage Proposition
                        & Distribution, Hinkley & Rugby Building Society

"Intellimatic has supercharged our service and results. Evgeny helped us create competitive advantages in a crowded niche sector. As a smaller; yet, rapidly growing business, we couldn't find an off the shelf system that met our needs, but we were nervous about commissioning a bespoke solution, worrying that we didn't have the technical knowledge to specify what we needed. Evgeny's skills and insight, his business know-how, and his technical expertise immediately put us at ease. Intellimatic delivered on time and budget; a system that provides us with a single reliable point of truth eradicates the duplication of work and helps us make timely decisions based on critical data. Most of all, the Intellimatic system vastly improved our customer's experience. If you want to optimise processes, eradicate duplication and errors, wow customers and enable staff to focus where they add value, not on repetitive administration tasks, speak to Evgeny. "


The team behind the Spine and Beyond the Ultimate endurance racing events

Carolyn Thornley-Yates, Head of Mortgage Proposition
                        & Distribution, Hinkley & Rugby Building Society

Working with Intellimatic

All engagements typically start with a free, no-obligation chat about your goals and challenges over a cup of coffee.

If everything seems like a good fit, we can move to an in-depth analysis of your requirements and a roadmap for your specific project.

Intellimatic always works closely with the stakeholders and users, ensuring that we review the progress consistently to keep the project on the right track while being flexible enough to change direction if your requirements change or if new information becomes available. The key to a successful project lies in being responsive to the clients' needs instead of forcing solutions on them.

Every business faces its own unique challenges, so no two client engagements are the same for Intellimatic. Sometimes, all that's required is a quick fix to eliminate a specific pain. Other times, it's a case of delivering full digital transformation for a business. Whether you need some assistance to overcome a specific challenge or are looking for a long-term strategic partner to help you reach your goals, speak to Intellimatic.

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